Is Putter Fitting Really Worth the Hype? The Truth Revealed!

Is putter fitting all mental? Will it make you fall in love with your putter or keep you on an endless quest for perfection? Let’s find out!

Is putter fitting overrated? Was fit for “4 o clock toe hang” but am not convinced. I find I roll the ball and putt just about the same with face balance, mallet, mid blade etc leaving me on a never ending quest for that a-ha moment where I fall in love with a putter like some of y’all post about. Thoughts? Is it all just mental for most amateurs? Am I doomed to buy new putters forever?

15 handicap, average 34.5 putts per round.


  • Do putter fittings really make a difference in your game or are they just a mental exercise?
  • Some golfers swear by putter fittings, claiming it’s a game-changer for their putting abilities.
  • Others believe that it’s more about confidence and practice rather than the perfect putter.
  • Is putter fitting worth the investment or are you better off honing your skills with your current putter?

Opinions and Insights

Chaos_bolts questioned the need for buying new putters if they all perform similarly for the user. They also pointed out that most people who claim to be in love with a putter often switch them frequently.

Mysterious-Award-903 shared their positive experience with putter fitting, emphasizing the value of customizing a putter to one’s game. They found it to be a significant improvement in their putting abilities.

GolfIsHardEh highlighted the personal aspect of putter fittings, noting that for some, knowing they have the right putter can eliminate the desire to constantly switch clubs.

Expert Advice and Recommendations

crimsonblueku advised considering a new putter if the current one isn’t performing well, suggesting that a proper fitting might have been overlooked in the past.

Internal-Challenge97 recommended using Quintec over SAM as a preferred method for putter fittings based on personal preference.

HighLifeDrinker shared their insight on the mental aspect of putting, emphasizing the importance of confidence and comfort with the putter over technical specifications.