Is My Driver Dead? The Case of the Upside-down Grip

Discover whether your damaged driver is on its last legs with expert advice from fellow golfers.

A golfer seeks advice on his damaged driver, with a grip mysteriously upside-down. Will he need a new one or can it be fixed?


  • Damage can cause grip issues affecting performance.
  • Seek professional advice for fix or replacement.
  • Epoxy problems can misalign club head and shaft.

The Upside-down Grip Dilemma

A damaged driver prompts questions from users about potential fixes and if it’s beyond saving. Some suggest professional repair at a golf shop for a quick solution.

Expert Recommendations

Multiple users advise seeking help from pro shops, emphasizing the importance of correct epoxy application and potential impacts on club performance.

Understanding the Grip Situation

Users discuss possible causes of the upside-down grip, from loose adapters to improper assembly, highlighting the need for expert intervention.