Is Lobbing the Secret Weapon in Pickleball?

Discover the debated strategy of lobbing in pickleball and whether it’s a hidden gem or a risky move.

Are you a lob enthusiast on the pickleball court, or are you skeptical about its effectiveness? Let’s dive into the intriguing world of lobbing and see what the pickleball community has to say about it.


  • Lobbing can be effective, especially against less athletic opponents.
  • Highly debated strategy due to its risk and variance in outcomes.
  • Experienced players caution against relying too heavily on lobbing in competitive play.

Lobbing Strategy

Lobbing from the back line can be a high-risk, high-reward play, as it forces opponents to retreat and disrupts their positioning. However, some players argue that it might be less reliable against skilled opponents who can counter it effectively.

Community Insights

The community is divided on the effectiveness of lobbing, with some praising its tactical advantage against certain opponents, while others highlight its limitations and potential pitfalls in higher-level play.

Expert Opinions

Experienced players emphasize the importance of diversifying shot selection and not overly relying on lobbing, as it can become predictable and exploited by savvy opponents.