Is Lobbing in Pickleball a Winning Strategy?

Exploring the divisive tactic of lobbing in pickleball – does it work or fall short?

Discover the heated debate surrounding the effectiveness of lobbing in pickleball and whether it’s a winning strategy or a risky gamble.


  • Mastering the art of lobbing can be a game-changer if executed well.
  • However, opponents argue that high-level players will easily counter lobs.
  • Strategy effectiveness varies based on opponent skill levels.
  • Lobs can be a risky but rewarding play if timed correctly.

Lobbing: The Controversial Strategy

Player LLLOGOSSS shared their success and queries regarding lobbing in pickleball. While they find it effective at times, some users believe it’s a risky move that may not withstand higher-level competition. User Godofelru cautioned that ex-tennis players could exploit the weakness in lob strategy, emphasizing the importance of precision and timing.

Expert Insights

GildMyComments highlighted the environmental factors affecting lobbing, mentioning its unreliability in outdoor settings. Furthermore, user Flying_Snarf emphasized the limitations of lobbing against skilled opponents, shedding light on its diminishing success rate with increasing skill levels.

Community Perspective

DingBat99999 provided a critical viewpoint, likening lobbing success to playing against opponents with limited skills. They stressed that top players avoid excessive lobbing due to its limited effectiveness in high-level play. User 003E003 delved into the statistical aspect, suggesting that many lobbers overestimate the shot’s success rate, especially as opponents grow in skill.

uu123uu offered encouragement to those excelling at lobbing, acknowledging the talent required to execute the shot effectively. On the other hand, hamuraijack cautioned about the risks involved in lobbing, highlighting the strategic considerations that opponents employ to counter this tactic.