Is Load Management the Future of MLB? Insights from Reddit Fans

Discover why MLB load management trends spark debate among fans on Reddit.

Exploring the debate surrounding load management strategies in MLB, Reddit fans share diverging viewpoints on its potential impact on the sport.


  • MLB load management sparks debate among fans.
  • Comparison with NBA load management strategies.
  • Implications of load management on player performance and team dynamics.

Positive Viewpoints

Rabidbot expresses skepticism towards load management citing NBA’s failed attempts. Greatlarrybird33 makes a humorous reference to baseball legend Cal Ripkin Jr. as a counterpoint.

Negative Reactions

Gaius_Octavius_ criticizes load management in MLB, claiming it has ‘ruined their sport.’ grimace24 argues against load management, fearing it would weaken baseball. Ghosts_of_the_maze provides a detailed analysis on why MLB might not adopt NBA-style load management.

MSXzigerzh0 supports load management in MLB due to the grueling schedule players face, unlike the NBA. Greerio emphasizes baseball’s historical use of utility players and suggests load management isn’t new to the sport.

y2knole speculates on player fatigue impact on Ronald Acuna Jr.’s performance. JFKtoSouthBay mentions the 6-man rotation strategy with the Dodgers, hinting at a potential shift in pitching approaches in MLB.