Is LIV Golf the XFL of Golf? Users Weigh In

Golf fans debate whether LIV Golf is comparable to the XFL with mixed opinions and insights.

Is LIV Golf the XFL of Golf? Users from Reddit’s golf community share their insights and opinions on the topic. From comparisons to the USFL to predictions of a potential merger, the debate is heated.


  • Comparisons between LIV Golf and the XFL, USFL, and AFL surface.
  • Debate on the talent and seriousness levels of LIV Golf.
  • Predictions of a potential merger in the golf world.
  • Insights on the impact of LIV Golf on the golfing landscape.

Is LIV Golf Like the XFL?

Some users believe that LIV Golf is comparable to the XFL, citing talent levels and league competition as key factors. They argue that while both leagues have standout players, the overall perception of LIV Golf may need to evolve to gain wider acceptance.

Debate on Talent and Leagues

Opinions vary on the talent pool within LIV Golf, with some users praising the caliber of players involved, while others express skepticism about the seriousness of the league. The discussion highlights the challenges of establishing a new golf league and competing with established tours.

Predictions of a Potential Merger

Several users predict a potential merger between LIV Golf and mainstream golf tours in the future. They suggest that the financial backing of LIV Golf and the evolving landscape of golf could lead to a unified tour, akin to past sports league mergers.

The Impact of LIV Golf

Users reflect on the impact of LIV Golf on the golfing world, drawing parallels to historical league separations and mergers in other sports. They contemplate the long-term implications of a divided golf landscape and the potential restructuring of professional golf tours.