Is Learning to Play Pickleball with Your Non-Dominant Hand a Good Idea?

Discover if switching hands in pickleball is a pain-free solution in this insightful post.

One pickleball player contemplates switching hands to address bicep pain in this Reddit post. Several users offer contrasting opinions and advice.


  • Players provide mixed views on switching hands in pickleball.
  • Some users suggest practicing with the non-dominant hand to relieve overuse issues.
  • Physical therapy and equipment changes are recommended for pain management.

Insightful user recommendations

One user suggests trying the non-dominant hand for relief from overuse injuries. They emphasize the importance of skill-building with both hands.

Physical Therapy Advice

Another user recommends consulting a physical therapist to address pain instead of switching hands. They highlight the challenges of relearning motor skills.

Equipment Suggestions

One player recommends using specific paddles and grips to prevent tennis elbow, showcasing alternatives to hand switching that can alleviate pain.

Individual preferences play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of switching hands in pickleball. While some find success in the change, others advocate for alternative solutions for pain management and skill improvement.