Is Josh Pate’s Take on the Group of Five the Worst of All Time?

Josh Pate’s opinions on the Group of Five raise eyebrows on Reddit. Find out why fans are divided.

Fans are buzzing about Josh Pate’s polarizing views on the Group of Five on Reddit. Let’s dive into the debate.


  • Josh Pate criticized Group of Five teams, causing controversy.
  • Users claim Pate dismisses smaller football programs.
  • Some feel Pate’s recent commentary has declined in quality.
  • Fans express desire for Group of Five representation in playoffs.

Opinions Are Divided

There’s a sense of disappointment among fans who feel Josh Pate’s analysis misses the mark. Some criticize him for favoring big-brand schools over smaller programs that make college football diverse and exciting. Users question Pate’s integrity as a media personality, suggesting his allegiance lies more with corporate interests than genuine sports insights.

Quality Concerns

Many followers note a shift in Pate’s content quality over recent months. They highlight instances where his predictions seem hasty or inconsistent, leading to doubts about his expertise and credibility in the sports media landscape.

Fans Want Inclusion

The desire for Group of Five teams to receive equal consideration and opportunities is a prevailing sentiment. Fans express the hope to see these underdog programs compete on a larger stage, such as the college football playoffs, to showcase the talent and competitiveness present in these conferences.

Evaluating Josh Pate’s stance on the Group of Five raises essential questions about representation, fairness, and media responsibility in sports commentary. As fans voice their varied opinions on Pate’s views, the debate continues to highlight the complexities and nuances of college football dynamics.