Is It Time to Hit the Greens with Your Mini-Me? Golfing with Kids 101

Thinking of taking your little one to the golf course? Discover the joys and challenges of playing golf with your kids!

Sharing the love for golf with your mini-me can be both rewarding and challenging. Many Reddit users have shared their experiences and tips on introducing their kids to the game. From starting early at 3 years old to making it a family bonding activity, golfing with kids opens up a world of opportunities for fun and connection.


  • Starting young can lead to lifelong golfing passion and enjoyable bonding moments.
  • Ensuring safety, teaching etiquette, and maintaining pace of play are crucial when golfing with kids.
  • Using the right equipment and making the experience fun can enhance a child’s interest in golf.
  • Watching kids excel in golf can be a source of pride and joy for parents while creating lasting memories.

Introducing Your Kids to Golf

Many parents on the subreddit shared heartwarming stories of starting their children on the golf course at a young age. From hitting practice balls in the backyard to playing a few holes, these experiences laid the foundation for a shared love for the game. One parent mentioned using an indoor mat and shorter clubs to help their close-to-9-year-old daughter develop her skills, leading to enjoyable practice sessions together.

Positive Experiences

Reddit users highlighted the joys of golfing with their kids, emphasizing the importance of making the experience fun and low-pressure. One parent mentioned bringing snacks and allowing their child some screen time as incentives, showcasing how incorporating elements of play can enhance the overall enjoyment of the game. Additionally, stories of kids outperforming their parents on the course added a delightful twist, illustrating the potential for children to excel early on.

Keeping It Enjoyable

Ensuring a positive experience for both kids and fellow golfers involves focusing on safety, etiquette, and pace of play. Parents shared insights on navigating these aspects, such as selecting family-friendly courses, practicing basic golf manners, and being mindful of other players’ time. By balancing the educational component with fun activities, parents can cultivate a love for golf in their children while fostering a harmonious golfing environment.

Golfing with your kids presents a unique opportunity to share your passion, create lasting memories, and nurture a potential interest in the sport. By starting early, prioritizing enjoyment, and maintaining a considerate approach on the course, parents can introduce their children to a game that transcends generations.