Is It a Good Idea to Try Pickleball at an Open Court Without Knowing the Rules?

To play or not to play? The dilemma of trying pickleball without prior knowledge.

Thinking of diving into pickleball without knowing the ropes? Here’s what the Reddit community has to say about it.


  • Prioritize learning basic rules and techniques through videos before hitting the courts
  • Consider taking a class or lessons to understand the fundamentals
  • Participants feel that most players are welcoming to newcomers

Insights on Trying Pickleball

Showing up unprepared might hinder your experience. Watching video tutorials and understanding the basics can enhance your gameplay, making it more enjoyable for both you and others.

Community Advice

It’s recommended to take lessons or join beginner classes to grasp the essence of the sport. While some suggest seeking instruction before play, others believe in the welcoming nature of pickleball players.