Is a Used Ben Johns Perseus Paddle Worth It on a Low Budget?

Considering a $150 used Ben Johns Perseus paddle? Find out if it’s a good low-budget buy from the pickleball community!

Considering a $150 used Ben Johns Perseus paddle? See what pickleball enthusiasts advise before making your decision.


  • Users are divided on the value of buying a used Ben Johns Perseus paddle.
  • Some recommend doing more research before making a purchase.
  • Alternative paddles at similar prices are suggested.
  • Concerns about core crushing and warranty issues were raised.
  • Opinions on the Used Ben Johns Perseus Paddle

    Opinions on the used Ben Johns Perseus paddle are split among the community. While some users believe it’s a worthy investment, others advise caution.

    Alternative Paddle Recommendations

    Several users recommended exploring alternative paddles within the same price range, such as the Hurache, Maverick, and other high-quality brands.

    Concerns About Durability

    Some users expressed concerns about the durability of the Perseus paddle, citing issues like core crushing and warranty complications.

    Final Thoughts

    When considering a used paddle purchase, weighing the opinions of experienced players and researching alternatives can help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, the choice depends on factors like budget, performance preferences, and risk tolerance.