Insider Look: AMA with Golf Course Builder and Designer

Get the inside scoop from a seasoned golf course architect in this revealing AMA.

Get ready to dive into the world of golf course architecture and construction with Ben Malach, as he answers burning questions about his unique industry.


  • Discover how sustainability plays a role in golf course design
  • Unravel the process behind designing and constructing golf courses
  • Explore the challenges and rewards of a career in golf architecture

Course Sustainability and Design

One user inquired about the sustainability considerations in designing courses, reflecting a growing awareness of environmental impact in the golf industry.

Construction Challenges and Ambitious Designs

Ben Malach sheds light on the balance between design and construction, sharing insights on the most ambitious requests from designers.

Land Requirements and Travel Demands

From acreage needed for a 9-hole course to time spent on the road, the logistics of golf course building offer a glimpse into the practical side of the profession.

The AMA thread illuminates the intricate world of golf course architecture, revealing the passion and expertise behind crafting these iconic landscapes.