Innovative Pickleball Scorekeeping App Testing: Join the Fun!

Calling all iPhone & Apple Watch users to beta test a cutting-edge pickleball scorekeeping app!

Wanna be on the cutting edge of pickleball tech? Here’s your chance! Michealatnight is looking for players to test the unreleased pickleball scorekeeping app designed for iPhone and Apple Watch users.


  • The app developer, also a casual tennis player, has created a pickleball scorekeeping app after high demand from the community.
  • The beta version is available for free download via TestFlight, offering all features for early testers.
  • Some users encountered issues with in-app purchases during testing, highlighting the need for further refinement and testing.

Users Excited to Test

The post generated a buzz of excitement among the community members, with many eager to try out the innovative scorekeeping app. User ‘Impossible-Office223’ expressed enthusiasm, stating, ‘Awesome! I’ll give it a shot!’ This positive sentiment reflects the community’s willingness to support developers and embrace new technology.

Technical Questions

Some users raised technical queries about the installation process on Apple Watch. User ‘1bobbylane’ sought guidance on the installation steps, indicating an interest in the app but needing assistance with the setup process. Clear instructions and user guides could enhance the user experience and address potential installation challenges.

Feedback and Challenges

While the majority of users were excited to test the app, user ‘desertlobo55’ encountered an issue related to in-app purchases. The user expressed confusion over the payment prompt during testing, highlighting the importance of clarifying the testing conditions for early users. Addressing such technical obstacles is crucial in ensuring a seamless testing process and enhancing user satisfaction.

The community’s engagement with the app testing initiative showcases the enthusiasm for technological advancements in the pickleball community. By leveraging user feedback and addressing technical challenges, developers can enhance the app’s functionality and deliver a superior user experience.