Incredible Goal by Elias Manoel Leaves Fans in Awe | MLS Match Highlight

Fans react to an unbelievable goal by Elias Manoel in the DC United vs. New York Red Bulls match.

Users on the MLS subreddit were left in awe after Elias Manoel scored a stunning goal against DC United. Fans and pundits alike couldn’t stop praising the incredible strike that caught everyone off guard. Here’s a look at their reactions:


  • Manoel’s goal was described as phenomenal by fans.
  • Some users believe it could be the Goal of the Year.
  • The home fans even cheered for the away team’s goal, showcasing its quality.
  • Many fans were left speechless by the skill and audacity of the strike.

Phenomenal Strike

Users marveled at Manoel’s ability to score such a remarkable goal, acknowledging his talent and precision.

Goal of the Year Contender

Fans debated whether Manoel’s goal should be considered for the prestigious title of Goal of the Year, highlighting its impact.

Fans United in Awe

Despite team allegiances, fans came together to appreciate the beauty of the goal, transcending rivalries.

The goal captured the essence of what makes soccer such a beloved sport, drawing admiration from all corners of the community.