Improve Your Pickleball Game: Strengthen Weaknesses or Enhance Strengths?

Should you get a paddle that helps your weaknesses or strengths in pickleball? The reddit community weighs in.

Looking to step up your pickleball game? A Reddit post sparked a debate on whether to focus on enhancing your strengths or tackling your weaknesses when choosing a new paddle.


  • Some prefer paddles that highlight strengths for confidence.
  • Others advocate for working on skills rather than paddle choice.
  • Improved gameplay often comes from practice and experience.
  • Choosing a paddle that suits your style and comfort is crucial.

Debate: Strengthen Weaknesses or Enhance Strengths?

The Reddit community shared varied opinions regarding whether players should prioritize enhancing their strengths or addressing their weaknesses when selecting a pickleball paddle.

Focus on Strengths

One user supported choosing a paddle that amplifies your strengths, believing that highlighting what you do well can boost confidence:

“I prefer the paddle to accommodate my strengths rather than mask my weaknesses. It’s essential to feel like you’re improving constantly.”

However, another Redditor emphasized that paddle choice is secondary and urged players to concentrate on enhancing their skills instead:

“Work on your game, not the paddle. The paddle’s impact is minimal in this context.”

Work on Weaknesses

Some users suggested that acknowledging and working on weaknesses is crucial for overall improvement:

“Your game might plateau if you focus solely on your strengths. Strengthening weaknesses is key to advancement.”

Others recommended finding a paddle that complements your current skill set while filling in the gaps:

“Your paddle should help bridge the gaps in your game. If you can generate power, opt for a control paddle, and vice versa.”

Final Thoughts

While the debate rages on regarding whether players should prioritize their strengths or weaknesses when selecting a paddle, one thing remains clear – a paddle can only take you so far. Improving your game through dedicated practice and gameplay experience is essential for long-term progress on the pickleball court.