Improve Your Golf Game with Some Sneaky Practice

Caught in the act while waiting for a drink – golfers never stop honing their skills!

Ever been caught practicing your swing while doing something mundane like waiting in line at the bar? Well, it seems like for some golfers, there’s no such thing as too much practice.


  • Practice makes perfect – even in unexpected places.
  • Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game.
  • Some find it odd, while others admire the dedication.

Caught in the Act

One user shared a funny moment of spotting someone working on their swing while waiting at the bar. It seems like dedication knows no bounds when it comes to golf!

In the Lab

Another commenter mentioned how their friend is always in the lab, honing his skills to perfection. It’s all about that continuous improvement mindset!

A Different Perspective

One user found humor in the situation, suggesting that the swing looked more like a push slice. Sometimes, it’s all about the angle!

Unique Practice Settings

While some may find practicing in public odd, others pointed out the dedication golfers have compared to players in other sports. It’s all about that golfing grind!