Iga vs Serena: A Comparative Analysis with Added Players

Explore the expanded chart comparing Iga vs Serena with additional players and insights.

Discover the extended chart comparing Iga vs Serena with insights from various players in the tennis community.


  • Insights on additional players’ stats added to the comparison chart
  • Discrepancies noted in career titles for particular players
  • Interest in seeing a version focusing on significant titles
  • Suggestions to include other players like Seles, Sharapova, Graf, and more

Positive Reactions

The chart additions received praise with one user remarking, “Looks good. Perhaps you could add a marker at the age some of these players retired to make that distinction on that chart.”

Intriguing Observations

Another user was fascinated by the early success of a player, commenting, “11 titles at age 16. Holy shit.”

Desire for Inclusion

There were requests to incorporate more players like Henin, Clijsters, Hingis, Venus, and suggestions for new versions of the chart

The Reddit thread highlighted a blend of appreciation for the existing content and a hunger for more comprehensive comparisons and visuals