Ice Cold Palmer: Chelsea’s Rising Star or Penalty Specialist?

Is Cole Palmer Chelsea’s savior or are his goals just penalties? The Reddit community weighs in!

Cole Palmer’s goal-scoring streak at Stamford Bridge has sparked debate among Reddit users. Let’s dive into the discussion!


  • Is Cole Palmer’s success due to skill or luck?
  • Debate over Palmer’s potential as a young player.
  • Concerns about Palmer’s injury history.

Ice Cold Palmer

Some users, like bigbellybomac, only left a trail of snowflake emojis in response to Palmer’s achievement, sparking curiosity about their opinion.

Chelsea’s Savior?

According to baby_shoki, Palmer is hailed as the savior of Chelsea, a strong candidate for the Young Player of the Tournament in the Premier League. However, SaoLixo expresses the concern for Palmer’s health, emphasizing the importance of his well-being for ongoing success.

Penalty Specialist?

twoheels raises a critical question about Palmer’s goals, inquiring if they were all penalties. This comment ignites a discussion about the nature of Palmer’s scoring streak and its validity.

Cole Palmer’s Potential

SilverKite999 highlights Palmer’s exciting gameplay, noting his creativity on the field. The user believes Palmer surpasses other notable players and could be a standout choice for upcoming events.