I Made My First Birdie: A Memorable Day on the Golf Course

First round under par – read about the highs and lows of a golfer’s journey to success.

Just-Joshinya experienced a thrilling day on the golf course, sharing the highs and lows of his round. From birdies to bogeys, every shot added to the excitement. Read on to relive the rollercoaster of emotions!


  • Breaking par for the first time
  • Emotional rollercoaster on the back 9
  • A clutch birdie putt on the 18th hole


Horsecockexpress1 congratulated Just-Joshinya on his achievement, appreciating the significance of breaking par


chilipalmer99 praised the course’s fun factor but questioned its value, still celebrating Just-Joshinya’s success


spankysladder73 humorously mentioned not being Diane’s number, adding a light moment to the celebratory thread


NeverForTheWin encouraged Just-Joshinya to challenge himself further in the next round

“Today was the day” when Just-Joshinya’s golfing journey reached a new milestone: breaking par and sinking a long birdie putt for a memorable round