How to Prove You Caught a Foul Ball at a Baseball Game Over Twenty Years Ago

A friend doubts a foul ball catch, offering $100 if proven. Can old game records help settle the bet?

A friend challenges whether a reddit user caught a foul ball at a baseball game over twenty years ago, offering $100 if proven. Seeking ways to validate the claim, the user turns to the community for suggestions and assistance. Read on to dive into the debate and unravel the mystery of the elusive foul ball.


  • The user is in a friendly bet with a friend who doubts their claim of catching a foul ball at a baseball game twenty years ago.
  • The user seeks ways to prove the catch, potentially earning $100 and bragging rights.
  • Community members offer insights on narrowing down the game date and provide information on authenticating game-used baseballs.
  • References are made to popular culture, such as Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ to lighten the mood.

Community Assistance

Reddit users are quick to support the OP in their quest to validate the foul ball catch. The helpful suggestions range from practical advice to entertaining references.

Skepticism and Support

While some users express doubt about the likelihood of proving a decades-old catch, others offer encouragement and tips to navigate the challenge, showcasing a mix of skepticism and support within the community.

Humor in the Hunt

Amidst the quest for evidence, references to popular media and light-hearted jokes add a comedic touch to the discussion, illustrating the camaraderie and humor that thrive in online communities.