How to Keep Your Range Finder from Going Rogue: The AirTag Dilemma

Discover how golfers are using AirTags on their range finders to prevent costly losses.

When it comes to the risks of losing expensive golf gear, one Reddit user is contemplating a creative solution to track their husband’s constantly misplaced range finder by attaching an AirTag.


  • Golfers are resorting to AirTags to prevent losing their range finders.
  • Users share experiences with different AirTag holders and placement methods.
  • Some suggest alternative solutions like magnetic holders or personalizing the gear.
  • Humor and practicality blend in discussions about the best ways to secure golf equipment.

Golfer’s Nightmares

Players recount the horror of losing precious range finders and share tales of retrieval adventures.

Geeky Golf Solutions

Dive into the tech-savvy world of attaching AirTags to golf equipment for a modern twist on tracking devices.

Lost and Found

Explore the community’s advice on minimizing gear loss, from lanyards to bright covers.

Get ready to keep your golf gear safe and sound with these innovative tips from Reddit’s golf enthusiasts!