How to Help Your Young Golfer with Unrealistic Expectations

Helping your young golfer enjoy the game, even when shots don’t go as planned.

Dealing with your young golfer’s frustration and unrealistic expectations can be challenging. Let’s explore how to help your child enjoy the game.


  • Introduce young golfers to the reality of bad shots from professionals.
  • Let them struggle in the moment to learn valuable lessons in resilience.
  • Consider involving a coach to address both technical and mental aspects of the game.
  • Encourage a positive mindset and focus on learning from mistakes.

Dealing with Frustration

One user suggested exposing young golfers to videos of professional players making mistakes to normalize the experience of bad shots. This can help children understand that even the best players face challenges on the course.

Learning from Failure

Another user highlighted the importance of allowing young golfers to struggle during their rounds. By facing difficulties, they can grasp the significance of resilience and growth through adversity, crucial aspects of the game.

The Role of Coaching

Users recommended involving a coach to address not only the technical aspects of golf but also the mental side. Coaches can provide valuable insights and guidance to help young golfers manage their emotions and mindset on the course.

Fostering a Positive Mindset

Encouraging positive self-talk and focusing on the learning opportunities presented by mistakes can assist young golfers in developing a healthy approach to the game. Emphasizing growth and improvement over perfection can help shift their perspective.

Helping young golfers navigate the challenges of the game and fostering a positive relationship with golf can lay a strong foundation for their development as players and individuals.