How to Heal a Yoga-Induced Inner Thigh Muscle Injury

Learn how to recover from a yoga injury that resulted from an instructor pulling your leg.

Luciakayak shared a post about a yoga injury caused by an instructor pulling their leg into a pose, resulting in a strained inner thigh muscle. The injury has made certain poses challenging, and they are seeking advice on how to heal the muscle.


  • Recommendation to seek professional help from a physical therapist or sports medicine specialist.
  • Suggestions to rest, avoid aggravating movements, and modify yoga poses.
  • Insight into personal experiences with similar injuries and recovery processes.
  • Advice on self-massage and recommended reading for dealing with yoga-related injuries.

Finding Professional Help

Many users recommended consulting a physical therapist to address the strained inner thigh muscle. FishScrumptious advised active rest and strengthening exercises under professional guidance. Pomoriets suggested seeking a sports medicine specialist if the condition does not improve after physical therapy.

Rest and Modify Poses

HighHammerThunder emphasized the importance of rest to allow the muscle to heal properly. Riverknits and Phase_Alienated620 recommended gentle stretching, avoiding aggravating movements, and modifying yoga poses to reduce strain on the injured muscle during the healing process.

Personal Experiences and Recommendations

Ok_Paleontologist631 shared a personal story of a similar injury and highlighted the importance of addressing underlying conditions that may contribute to muscle tightness. SageMeetsWorld recommended a book for understanding body mechanics related to pain management.

gear7 reminded Luciakayak to listen to their body’s signals and practice nonviolence while tending to the injury. tmarthal suggested researching “yoga butt” to gain insights into related conditions.

The diverse suggestions and personal anecdotes shared by Reddit users offer Luciakayak a range of options to consider for healing their yoga-induced inner thigh injury. Each recommendation brings a unique perspective on recovery and self-care practices in addressing similar challenges.