How to Fix Your Golf Slice and Start Hitting More Fairways

Struggling with a golf slice off the tee? Check out these expert tips to straighten out your shots and hit more fairways!

Struggling to find the fairway off the tee? tallhappytree asked Reddit for tips to eliminate their slice and start using their driver instead of a 5 iron. Here’s what the community had to say:


  • Consider adjusting your ball position in your stance to change your swing path
  • Focus on maintaining proper posture and shoulder alignment
  • Track your swing path and club face angle to diagnose swing issues

Mixing It Up

Mordicad suggests adjusting your ball position to affect your swing path. Yoblad advises addressing your shoulder alignment to control your swing plane. Barb_WyRE delves into detailed swing mechanics, emphasizing posture and wrist position. Recent-Camera8901 and bicmedic address the club face angle and ball position to correct the push and slice spin.

Thinking Outside the Tee Box

Sea_Wallaby_9099 suggests changing your driver loft for better club face control. Whiskey_Cigars_Golf emphasizes head position for better shot rotation. jackiemoon50 offers a unique approach of learning to hit a hook. garciavilla1988 and unpluggedcord recommend adjusting your stance and ball position for better contact.

Finding Your Groove

junkkaart humorously suggests letting your passion show on the course. SneakyDadBod recommends utilizing swing path and club face data for analysis. Golden3ye adds a playful suggestion to tee off on a dog leg right for strategic advantage.