How to Find Competitive Players for Pickleball

Looking to up your game? Discover how to find competitive players in pickleball for some real competition!

Struggling to find competitive pickleball players on the younger side? Check out these tips from pickleball enthusiasts on where and how to connect with like-minded players. Whether you’re dominating your work league or searching for fierce competition, these insights will help you level up your game.


  • Explore open play opportunities to gauge your skill level and meet new players.
  • Join local clubs or MeetUp groups to connect with fellow pickleball enthusiasts.
  • Utilize platforms like Pickleheads, Facebook groups, and Places2Play for player discovery.
  • Engage in social activities at pickleball parks to interact with players of varying skill levels.

Insights from Pickleball Enthusiasts

If you’re eager to elevate your pickleball game and face tougher opponents, the pickleball community has offered some valuable tips:

“Good is a relative term, and we have no idea how good you are based on your post. Have you tried going to open play and seeing how you do?” – ooter37

“Find an open play at some club. If you enjoy the gameplay, go regularly and I’m sure you’ll get to know people.” – toastyavocadoes

“Have you tried [Places2Play](” – GeorgeRetire

“Go out there during a weekend, scan the crowd for people around your skill level, and communicate with them by using your mouth to produce sounds that they will recognize as words.” – TheGoatzart

Connecting with Players

Whether it’s through online resources, local clubs, or simply striking up conversations at pickleball parks, there are numerous ways to find competitive pickleball players. By actively engaging with the community and exploring different avenues, you’ll increase your chances of discovering challenging opponents and forming lasting connections.