How to Encourage Dinking in Pickleball: Tips and Advice

Learn how to encourage your opponents to engage in dinking during pickleball matches with these expert tips!

In a casual pickleball game, one player is frustrated by their opponents’ constant hard drives and absence of dinking. Seeking advice on how to encourage dinking, the player turns to Reddit for help.


  • Encouraging dinking can lead to longer and more strategic rallies.
  • Improving dink shots placement and resets can be key in influencing opponents.
  • Adapting to opponents’ playing style by varying shot selection is crucial.

Dinking Dynamics

One user suggests that forcing opponents to dink can be challenging but emphasizes the importance of improving one’s dinking game to counter hard drives effectively.

Playstyle Perspectives

Another user advocates for respecting opponents’ play choices, even if they differ from traditional dinking strategies, highlighting the diversity of approaches in pickleball.

Strategic Shifts

A user recommends practicing reset shots and positioning to prompt opponents into dinking exchanges, offering a way to control the rhythm of the game.

Acknowledging the frustration of playing with incompatible styles, a player stresses the value of finding like-minded partners to enhance the gameplay experience.