How to Deal with Unfortunate Club Stampings: A Golfer’s Guide

When life sends you stamped clubs, make creative lemonade. Check out how golfers embrace their club’s unique markings!

Imagine ordering a used golf club online, only to find an unexpected stamp on it. Kanadianmaple seeks advice on how to deal with this situation, unsure if a return is possible due to the unmentioned stampings in the ad.


  • Community advises returning the club if the stamping wasn’t disclosed in the ad.
  • Suggestions range from altering the stamp to embracing it creatively.
  • Members share humorous ideas like turning CP into comedic meanings.

Community’s Take

Some users recommend returning the club, emphasizing the importance of transparency in the ad. Others offer creative solutions like restamping or repurposing the marking, turning an unwelcome surprise into a point of individuality on the course.

Humorous Solutions

From turning CP into humorous acronyms to joking about the origins of the stamp, the community showcases a light-hearted approach to solving this golfing dilemma. Suggestions vary from belt sanding for a fresh look to spinning a tall tale about a famous transfer of ownership.