How to Deal with Lower Back Pain After Boat Pose: Yoga Community Tips

Learn how to alleviate lower back pain post-boat pose with expert advice from the yoga community!

Are you tired of dealing with lower back pain after your boat pose in yoga class? Dive into the world of the yoga community on Reddit to discover helpful tips and insights from fellow practitioners who have faced similar challenges. From strengthening your core to avoiding postures that cause discomfort, these suggestions can transform your practice and alleviate your pain.


  • Strengthen your core and engage your muscles effectively to support your spine.
  • Avoid postures that exacerbate your pain and listen to your body’s signals.
  • Consult with a physio or yoga teacher for personalized assistance in addressing imbalances.

Expert Insights on Alleviating Lower Back Pain

One user advised, “Please stop doing postures that hurt. It’s crucial to troubleshoot the root cause of your pain and seek professional guidance to prevent further discomfort. Focus on strengthening your core muscles and maintain proper alignment in back extension postures.”

Engage Your Core for a Pain-Free Practice

Another user highlighted the importance of engaging your lower abs and TVA (transverse abdominis) to relieve stress on your lower back. By distributing the workload effectively, you can reduce strain on your spine and enhance your practice.

Personal Experiences and Recommendations

A practitioner shared their experience of avoiding boat pose due to past disc issues, emphasizing the importance of protecting your spine during challenging postures. Opting for modifications like low boat can provide a safer alternative until you address the underlying cause.

Another user recommended keeping your feet grounded as a variation of boat pose to ease pressure on your lower back. By exploring different adaptations, you can find a comfortable and sustainable practice.

By incorporating these insightful tips and expert recommendations into your yoga routine, you can bid farewell to post-boat pose back pain and cultivate a stronger, more balanced practice. Embrace the wisdom of the yoga community and prioritize your well-being on the mat!