How Skinny Kids Can Drive for Show in Golf

Struggling to find power on the golf course as a skinny kid? Check out these tips to help boost your game!

Feeling a bit lacking in power compared to your peers on the golf course? Not to worry! We’ve got all the tips you need to start driving for show and impressing everyone with your game. Let’s dive in!


  • Skinny kids can generate power through hip and shoulder rotation.
  • Focus on chipping and putting to improve accuracy.
  • Proper sequencing and mechanics are key to increasing speed.
  • Developing core strength and fitness gradually can lead to power gains.

Strategies for Developing Power

If you’re a skinny kid looking to add more power to your golf game, consider focusing on generating power through hip and shoulder rotation. This technique helps maximize your swing’s force and speed, even with a smaller frame. Don’t underestimate the importance of proper sequencing and mechanics, as they can significantly impact your swing speed and distance.

Emphasizing Fitness and Technique

Many users suggest gradually increasing fitness levels and refining your swing mechanics to enhance your power potential. By working on your core strength and overall fitness, you can improve your ability to generate power and accuracy in your shots. Additionally, focusing on the fundamentals of your swing and maintaining proper sequencing can lead to significant gains in speed and distance.

Alternative Approaches and Advice

Some users recommend alternative approaches, such as overspeed training and using specific speed training systems, to help skinny kids increase their power on the golf course. Others emphasize the importance of flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and developing muscle mass to enhance overall performance. Remember, each golfer is unique, so finding the right balance of technique, fitness, and training methods is crucial for optimal results.