How Often Do Golfers Have Blowup Rounds? Insights from the Greens

Discover how often golfers go out and play, only to have rounds that make them feel like they’re playing like ass. Read on for some hilarious experiences!

Have you ever had a golf round that made you feel like you were playing like ass?


  • Golfers experience blowup rounds sporadically, regardless of their handicap.
  • Course familiarity and mental game play significant roles in blowup rounds.
  • Alcohol consumption can impact performance on the course.

Blowup Rounds: A Common Occurrence

Blowup rounds are more common than one might think in the world of golf. Whether you’re a seasoned player or still finding your footing, the unpredictability of the game can lead to unexpectedly high scores.

Course Comfort and Mental Game

One golfer pointed out how playing a new course significantly increased the odds of a blowup round. The mental aspect of the game, coupled with unfamiliar terrain, can throw off even the most experienced players.

The Booze Factor

Another player humorously mentioned the correlation between beer consumption and their handicap, proving that alcohol can either boost or hinder performance on the course. One beer good, two beers good, three beers equals a handicap of 30!