How I Ruined a Round with 17 GIR: A Golfer’s Tale

Find out how one golfer’s impressive round of GIR took a turn for the worse.

Ever had a round of golf go from flawless to flop in record time? Read on to learn how one golfer’s dream turned into a nightmare on the course.


  • Golf can be a rollercoaster of emotions, from triumph to despair in a few swings.
  • The devilishly difficult hole dubbed “The Devils Dick” proved to be the undoing of many golfers.
  • Mistakes can happen even after a string of impressive Greens in Regulation.

Users’ Reactions

“To be fair, that tee shot is so hard, and the green is a sliver with danger on both sides. Par is solid for that hole.”

“Man I’d love to play a par 4 that’s only 306 and downhill.”

“Did you edit an extra shot out? On your 2nd swing an extra divot randomly appears. 😂”


Despite a strong start with 17 GIR, the golfer’s struggle on a challenging hole led to a disappointing finish. The course’s design and difficulty played a significant role in shaping the outcome of the round. Golfers can relate to the rollercoaster ride of emotions that a round of golf can bring, from moments of brilliance to instances of sheer frustration. Each swing on the beautiful but treacherous course could make or break a golfer’s day.