How Golfer’s T-Shirt Game Is On Fire: The Secret to Speed

Discover the lightning-fast t-shirt game in golf events and the surprising secrets behind it.

Have you ever wondered how those event t-shirts magically appear so quickly? Let’s uncover the mystery behind golf’s speedy merch game!


  • Unraveling the rapidity of event t-shirt production
  • The Louisville police dept’s unexpected role
  • The ingenious setup at the expo center

Printers and Police

Some golf enthusiasts have home t-shirt printers always ready for the next big thing, while the police had a surprising involvement in t-shirt production.

Expo Center Genius

The expo center’s strategic location ensured quick sales of gear, leaving attendees impressed with the business acumen on display.

Capitalism at Its Best

From stitched hats to tees, the efficiency of capitalism was on full display, showcasing the business side of golf events.