How Golf Helped One Redditor’s Love Life: A Putter’s Tale

What happens when 10 years of no sex intersects with a new putter? Reddit golfer knows the answer!

When you haven’t had sex in a decade, what’s the best solution? According to a Reddit user, it’s investing in a new putter to fill the gap. The post sparked a hilarious discussion with fellow golf enthusiasts about the power of golf equipment in the realm of romance.


  • Some believe a new putter can work wonders in the dating scene.
  • Others jokingly predict success with the opposite sex due to the new golf purchase.
  • Redditors share supportive and humorous comments on the post.

Exploring the Power of a Putter

One user humorously suggests that the putter cover alone will attract attention, drawing parallels between golf equipment and romantic opportunities. The golf course setting adds to the comedic tone of the conversation, with comments highlighting the social aspects of the sport.

A Comedic Approach to Golf and Dating

Users playfully jest about the potential impact of impressive putting skills on one’s love life, indicating that seeing someone excel at golf can be an attractive quality. The banter exemplifies the light-hearted nature of the community and its ability to find humor in unexpected situations.

Supportive and Encouraging Responses

Amidst the jokes, some users genuinely support the original poster’s decision, praising the quality of the putter and offering positive reinforcement. This mix of humor and genuine encouragement creates a wholesome and inclusive atmosphere within the subreddit.

Ultimately, the Reddit post serves as a lighthearted reminder of the camaraderie and humor that can be found within the golf community, even when discussing unconventional topics. Through shared jokes and supportive comments, users showcase the unique blend of friendship and fun that defines the subreddit, making it a welcoming space for golf enthusiasts of all backgrounds.