How Golf Clubs Became the Ultimate Breakup Amenity

A tale as old as time–girlfriend cheats, new irons are the cure. Dive into the drama and divots of love lost and golf gained.

When life hands you lemons, most people make lemonade. But when it hands you a cheating girlfriend, apparently the solution is a shiny new set of irons. Yes, you read that right. A Reddit user recently shared their unique breakup remedy that involved swapping out the old for the new, with a twist that even Cupid couldn’t see coming. So, let’s tee off on this tale of love lost and golf gained.


  • Broken hearts make for improved swings in this unconventional love story.
  • Golf equipment as therapy: a new way to navigate the rough patches of relationships.
  • From putters to drivers, each club tells a tale of resilience and renewal.

Love on the Green

One user shared, ‘Bitches be bitches. Golf be fun. F**k that b***h, this is golf time.’ It seems like the fairways are the new dating scene for this golfer, and the course is looking good from here.

Ironing Out the Details

Another commentator humorously remarked, ‘Keep her around. You’ll have a whole new set by the end of the year.’ Who knew heartbreak could lead to a full bag refresh?

Swinging Solo

One user pointed out, ‘Golf might be frustrating sometimes…but it won’t f**k you over the way a woman will.’ Looks like this golfer found his ultimate safe haven on the greens.