How Boston Celtics’ Defense is Foiling Dallas Mavericks’ Offense in the NBA Finals

Discover how the Celtics’ defensive schemes are disrupting the Mavericks’ game plan in the NBA Finals.

Find out how the Boston Celtics are shutting down the Dallas Mavericks’ offense in the NBA Finals.


  • The Celtics’ defensive strategy is stifling Dallas’ corner 3-point attempts.
  • Joe Mazzulla’s coaching and personnel choices are key to the Celtics’ success.
  • Boston is preventing Dallas from utilizing their preferred offensive tactics effectively.

The Genius of Boston’s Defense

One user noted, ‘BOS defenders are great enough that they don’t have to double Luka and Kyrie, thwarting Dallas’ plays.’

The Mavs’ Struggle for Points

Commenter Nasiso compared the Mavs’ offense to the Celtics in 2022, highlighting the difficulty in scoring consistently.

Celtics’ Defensive Prowess

Clayfu pointed out that the Celtics excel at limiting corner 3s, disrupting Dallas’ offensive rhythm.

Media’s Recognition

Adam0529 emphasized the media’s belated acknowledgment of the Celtics’ effective defensive strategy against the Mavs.