How a Simple Golf Setup Can Bring Joy: A Golfer’s Honest Work

A golfer shares a modest practice setup that brings them happiness, sparking mixed reactions from fellow golfers.

A golfer shared their humble practice setup in a Reddit post, showcasing a few basic items as their means for enjoying the game. The setup, while minimalistic, seems to have struck a chord with the Reddit golfing community.


  • Despite its simplicity, the golfer’s setup resonated with many in the community, highlighting the joy in the simplicity of the game.
  • Some users joked about the low-hanging tarp and potential challenges it may pose.
  • Others praised the golfer for their dedication to practice, emphasizing the importance of consistency in improvement.

Community Reactions

One user, ‘CudderKid,’ teased the golfer about potentially only practicing with their 4 irons, highlighting the visual challenge the setup may present. However, this jest was met with positivity and humor, showcasing the camaraderie within the Reddit golfing community.

Another user, ‘inquisitive_otter,’ appreciated the privacy the setup offered, jokingly referencing the ‘shanking of balks’ in peace. This light-hearted comment further emphasized the communal understanding of the game’s challenges and joys.

Shared Encouragement

‘leftlanemine’ shared their own story of progress through dedicated practice, encouraging the original poster to consider investing in a launch monitor for enhanced feedback. This supportive comment highlighted the community’s willingness to share advice and lift each other up in their golfing journeys.

Lastly, ‘Grossincome’ expressed admiration for the simplicity of the setup, noting that having the space for such a practice area would be a luxury. This comment underscored the notion that golf can be enjoyed in various ways, regardless of the resources available.