How a Golf Enthusiast Made a Par 4 Hole in One!

A golf enthusiast’s triumphant moment on Greywalls, hole 11 with a par 4, 240 yards, driver!

Turkeybagboi shared the exhilarating story of achieving a hole in one on Greywalls, par 4, 240 yards with the driver.


  • Golf dream come true: First-ever hole in one on a par 4!
  • Impressed community: Mixed reactions ranging from disbelief to congratulations
  • Envy and curiosity: Speculation on the achievement and course layout
  • Community camaraderie: Fellow golfers share their own memorable moments


Colin_Powers quipped humorously about the Happy Gilmore connection in a congratulatory manner, linking the achievement to the famous movie character’s prowess on the course.


Spankysladder73 playfully suggested the feat might be a guerrilla marketing ploy, adding a touch of light-hearted skepticism to the conversation.


DPTphyther shared in the celebration, also recounting their own hole in one experience, creating a sense of bonding and shared accomplishments within the community.


The thread resonated with a mix of admiration, disbelief, and camaraderie, highlighting the rare and impressive nature of achieving a hole in one on a par 4. Turkeybagboi’s accomplishment sparked a lively discussion, showcasing the supportive and interactive nature of the golf community, where every achievement is celebrated and every story cherished.