Houston Derby Meme Excitement

Houston fans are buzzing about the upcoming derby with a hilarious meme! Find out why they’re so hyped.

Houston fans are abuzz with excitement over a hilarious meme about the upcoming derby. The meme captures the essence of the rivalry and has fans eager for the showdown.


  • Seamless blending of team crests on TV screen lauded.
  • Top-tier meme praised despite Austin’s playoff woes.
  • Clever use of Copa Tejas adds to meme’s brilliance.
  • Fans marvel at meme’s continuous improvement.

The Hype

Fans are in awe of the seamless integration of team crests on the TV screen, calling it Oscar-worthy. The attention to detail in the meme has not gone unnoticed, with viewers appreciating the effort put into its creation.

Spirited Banter

Despite Austin’s struggles, the meme still garners praise for its humor and top-tier quality. Fans are able to enjoy the light-hearted banter while acknowledging the realities of the teams’ performances.

Creative Elements

The addition of the Copa Tejas prop in the meme has struck a chord with many viewers, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the comedic exchange. It’s the little details like this that make the meme stand out among others.