Hockey Fans Gripe About Refs and Players in Daily Chat Thread

Join the hockey community as they vent frustrations, share highlights, and debate the sport’s dirtiest team in today’s thread.

Hockey fans huddle up, discussing the latest games, contentious plays, and player behaviors in the daily free talk thread on Reddit.


  • Frustrations mount with players allegedly flopping and complaining to referees.
  • Fans express discontent with strategic delays and embellishments by teams.
  • Debates spark over the historical reputation of the dirtiest team in the 2010s.

Hockey Players and Refs

Hockey fans critique Montgomery’s behavior, questioning if his actions warrant criticism or if it’s merely a perception.

In-Game Reactions

Fans react strongly to perceived delays and exaggerations during gameplay, urging players to focus on the game itself.

Fan Question

An intriguing discussion arises about the dirtiest team of the 2010s, prompting fans to reminisce and debate past NHL seasons.