Hilarious Golf Course Prank Leaves Players Frustrated

A devious golf prankster sets up impossible cups, sparking a mix of humor and frustration among players.

Imagine heading to the golf course for a round, only to find impossible cups waiting for you…


  • Devious prankster sets up impossible cups on the course.
  • Players react with a mix of humor and frustration.
  • Some find the prank clever, while others feel it’s unfair.

Players’ Reactions

When confronted with the impossible cups, golfers shared a range of emotions. One player found humor, describing the pin placement as ‘Sweet ass.’

Another player reminisced, calling it ‘Supe’s revenge,’ indicating the prank added an element of fun to the game.

However, some players expressed frustration, with one jokingly invoking the USGA, adding a dramatic flair to the situation.

Impacts on Gameplay

The prank even sparked a debate on order of play, showcasing how a simple joke can lead to an in-depth discussion on golf etiquette.

Despite the challenge, some players admitted to still aiming for the impossible pins, showing determination and a sense of humor.

One user shared a personal experience, highlighting the creativity behind such pranks, as they can lead to innovative solutions, like leaving the cups unchanged.

In the midst of it all, one user jokingly called out the prankster, using a playful insult while acknowledging the cleverness of the prank.