Hilarious Blunder on Portland Radio: Neville Called Out Unknowingly

A radio segment accidentally calls out Neville, sparking humor and speculation among fans.

A humorous incident on Portland radio sparked laughter and speculation among MLS fans. A thread on MLS subreddit recounted the comical blunder when commentators didn’t realize their audio was going out. Here’s what the users had to say:


  • Fans found the incident hilarious and wanted to see more of such unfiltered moments.
  • The gaffe added humor and excitement to the MLS atmosphere.
  • Speculation arose on potential repercussions and Neville’s reaction to the call-out.

Positive Reactions

Users praised the authentic and unscripted nature of the radio mishap, highlighting it as a refreshing change from typical sports commentary. One said, “Incredible content.”

Speculation on Repercussions

The incident also sparked discussions on potential consequences for the commentators. Some wondered if there would be any fallout from the humorous mistake. One user expressed, “Oh my god that’s so funny. Wonder if any repercussions happen.”

Skeptical Views

Amidst the laughter, skepticism emerged regarding Neville’s coaching abilities, with a user stating, “It’s gonna take more than 1 game of a comeback against a team that’s crippled by John Fisher’s ownership to believe that Neville can get it done in Portland.”

This incident provided a lighthearted moment for fans to enjoy and speculate on, showcasing the unpredictable and entertaining nature of live broadcasts and fan reactions in sports. It’s these candid moments that add flavor to the sporting experience and create memorable interactions among fans