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Graphite Design YS Nano Reloaded Shaft Profile

New for 2015, Graphite Design has just launched the YS NanoReleaded line of shafts for woods and hybrids. This new shaft combines the popular YS+ shaft profile with the DI technology of the popular Tour AD Di shaft to create the latest new shaft from Graphite Design. As usual with top of the line shafts – the YS NanoReloaded isn’t cheap. If you want the best in your bag, you better be prepared to pay for it. These wood shafts have a MSRP of $269, and the hybrids a MSRP of $129. They are available as of November 1st.

Here’s the deets:

What The Tec!?

The DI technology was designed to provide additional power and stability for a variety of swing types. It uses nanomaterial technology in the tip section of the shaft to keep it firm enough to produce optimal spin and higher launch conditions. This shaft has a mid kick point and bend profile, similar to the YS+ line, however Graphite Design made some tweaks to better align these two shaft profiles for this new shaft design. When it comes to the real differences between these new shafts and the Tour AD shafts (ones with an even heftier pricetag – $500), the YS NanoReloaded uses 46T carbon fiber, whereas the Tour-AD use 50T fibres that produce slightly less torque. See the bend profile in this image from GolfWRX below.


Who’s it for?

The YS NanoReloaded is a premium golf shaft perfect for those players looking the most consistent and premium shafts on the market today. So if you’re a 10+ handicap, its unlikely you’ll need to fork out the dough for this shaft as your game isn’t quite there yet. Graphite Design shafts are built in Japan, and have firmly held the #1 spot on the Japan Tour for 10+ years. They’re shafts are built for the best players in the game, but with that said, they have versions of this shaft to fit any and all swing types – from ladies flex to X flex in a variety of different weights depending on your ideal shaft feel. See the full list of specs below.

nano-tech-driver-shaft-specs nano-tech-shaft-specs

What’s said about it?

The wood shaft technology and design helps to produce an incredibly smooth feel through impact, even with players who have a quick release and wing speed. So much so, that it lets players who are used to a heavier shaft use a version 10g or so lighter than normal and still retain the same feel, but with the added boost of a couple more MPH swing speed. In addition to a slight jump in clubhead speed, many tester have reported that the shaft gives them a lot of confidence with their ability to control their shots (something any good shaft should provide). The higher launch was noticeable, however the shaft never ballooned, and spin was under control.

The hybrid shafts were said to maintain this same feel, however the higher launch also produced an undesirable amount of spin for some players. Perhaps a benefit for those looking to dial in the accuracy of their hybrids, but overall, not an asset for most players.

It’s rare these days to find a high-launching shaft with a firm tip, and low torque and thats what makes Graphite Design’s shafts so interesting and enjoyable for better players. Generally the firmer a shaft, the lower the launch and the higher the bend profile. The Nanotechnology, flips this thinking on its head, and is the reason this shaft is becoming popular on tour. If you’re in the market for a high-launching shaft, with great feel and control, these aren’t to be missed.

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