Googan Squad Scale Mystery Unraveled by Reddit Fishermen

Are Googan Squad scales causing more frustration than fish weight readings? Reddit has the answer.

Discover how Reddit’s fishing enthusiasts solved the Googan Squad scale mystery for a baffled angler.


  • Users shed light on correct Googan Squad scale usage techniques.
  • Clear instructions provided for achieving accurate weight readings.
  • Contrasting opinions on the reliability of the Googan scale.

Insightful Guidance

Reddit users collectively advise the angler to turn the scale on first and ensure it registers 0-0 before lifting the fish for an accurate reading.

Community Knowledge Prevails

One user highlights that the scale resets itself on power-up, cautioning against turning it on with a fish already on the hook to maintain accurate results.

Inevitable Skepticism

Despite helpful tips for correct usage, skepticism remains as one user humorously remarks, ‘Well it’s a Googan scale, of course it’s not gonna work.’

Throughout the discussion, the consensus among Reddit users is to follow specific steps when using the Googan Squad scale to prevent misreadings and ensure accurate weight recordings.