Golfers’ Wishlist: Dream Innovations for Better Play

Golfers share their top wishes for the ultimate golf experience, from digital caddies to shorter courses and more.

Ever wondered what golfers truly desire for an ideal game? Let’s dive into the Reddit community’s wishlist of innovations that could revolutionize the golfing experience.


  • A longing for a 14-hole course to strike the perfect balance in game duration.
  • Dreams of a digital/AI caddy to enhance decision-making skills and lower strokes per game.
  • Desire for GPS-equipped golf balls to track elusive shots accurately.
  • Calls for innovative financing models to help struggling golf courses.

Golfers’ Dream: A 14-Hole Game

Golfers wish for a 14-hole course, finding the existing 9 holes too short and 18 holes too long. This idea stems from the desire to strike a balance in game duration, offering a satisfying golf experience without exhaustion.

Dreaming of Digital Caddies

A digital/AI caddy is a sought-after innovation, akin to what professional golfers benefit from during tournaments. Users believe a smart caddy could significantly improve gameplay by providing valuable insights on wind, lie, club selection, and more, potentially shaving off strokes per game.

Innovative GPS Golf Balls

Many golfers express interest in the concept of GPS-enabled golf balls that provide accurate data and location tracking. This technology would prevent the frustration of losing well-struck shots in the rough and enable precise shot placement.

Revitalizing Golf Courses

Several users propose innovative funding models to support the renovation and improvement of golf courses. By creating a collaborative fund with major golf organizations and equipment companies, struggling courses could receive financial assistance to enhance their facilities and attract more players.