Golfers in LA City Outraged by Brokers Snatching Tee Times

Golfers in LA City are fed up with brokers manipulating tee times, sparking outrage among players.

Golfers in LA City are facing a frustrating dilemma as brokers are swooping in on precious tee times, leaving players desperate and outraged.


  • Golfers in LA are struggling to secure tee times due to brokers exploiting the system.
  • Players propose solutions like requiring photo ID at check-in to combat the issue.
  • The golf advisory committee is looking into the matter and considering changes to the reservation system.
  • The city of LA has been criticized for its inaction on the problem for years.

Outrage and Frustration

Golfers express disbelief and frustration at the unethical practice of brokers manipulating tee times. Many feel that it undermines the integrity of the game and diminishes the experience for genuine players.

Proposed Solutions

Some players suggest implementing stricter verification measures such as providing photo ID at check-in to ensure that the person who booked the tee time is the one playing. This could help deter brokers from reselling or hoarding tee times.

Community Response

Golfers are sharing their experiences and insights, highlighting the need for action to address the issue. The golf advisory committee’s involvement and the city’s response are closely monitored by the community.