Hello and welcome to the SirShanksAlot.com Golf Shaft Directory.  This directory has captured the specifications of nearly every shaft in the marketplace and we’re continually adding new shafts to it as we go!  As of June 20th, 2013, our Driver & Hybrid lists are the most complete.  We are still working on adding Irons and Fairway Woods to this list.

If you notice incorrect information, or would like to add your shafts to the directory, please contact us here.

How To Use This Golf Shaft Directory

We designed this directory to very simple to use.  For those of you who are familiar with Microsoft Excel, it should be pretty straightforward, for those that don’t here’s what you’ll need to do:

You’ll notice at the top of this directory are fields and a drop down menu.  You can use these fields to narrow in on the specific shafts you’re looking for.  We recommend starting with the field labelled ‘Shaft Type’, then selecting your preferred ‘Flex’. From there you can further narrow your results by shaft weight, torque, trajectory spin and more.  To remove a filter, simply click the drop down on any column you previously selected and click the “all” label.  All the results should instantly appear.

What you need to know about this golf shaft directory

Shaft Flexes

As you may well know many golf shaft manufacturers use many different flex naming systems, so we had to consolidate where possible.  Here’s a list of the flexes you’ll see on this directory:

  1. L – Ladies
  2. A – Seniors
  3. R – Regular
  4. R2 – Regular/Stiff combo or alternatively just another R model that is made
  5. S – Stiff
  6. S2 – Stiff/X-Stiff combo or alternatively just another S model that is made
  7. X – X-Stiff
  8. 2X – XX-Stiff
  9. 3X – XXX-Stiff
  10. 4X – XXXX-Stiff
  11. U – Uniflex shafts (these are shafts that are said to fit all swing types and speeds)

Trajectory / Kick Point

Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer our trajectory and kick point labels are opposite of each other.  We grouped our trajectory and kick point into the following groups:

  1. Low
  2. Low-mid
  3. Mid
  4. Mid-high
  5. High

Tip / Butt Stiffness

This information was spotty at best with a number of manufacturers, we did our best to capture as much info as possible on shaft flexes throughout the length of the shaft.  We used the following naming system in order of softest to stiffest.

  1. Soft
  2. Softer
  3. Mid
  4. Stiffer
  5. Stiff

We hope you enjoy our list.

Update July 7th, 2013: Harrison, Penley, Swing Science and Graman shafts have all been added to the list.

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  1. Nice list. Are you just listing shafts available in Canada or North America? If the latter, then you missed quite a few brands such as: Harrison, Gra’man, Penley, Swing Science (formally Rapport), and probably a lot more. I know it wasn’t easy to compile the current list, but these could be added to it, otherwise a great job!

  2. Hey Mike – much appreciated. We do have our work ahead of us with this one, and appreciate the heads up on the other manufacturers. We will add these. Yes on your question – so far for the most part just North American companies are here. We plan on adding iron shafts too, which opens up the doors for a few more manufacturers as well. I think eventually we’ll start adding in Asian manufacturers but unfortunately we have a language barrier 😛 and specs are harder to find.

  3. Just bought a used driver and I’m trying to find info on the shaft. Can’t find it anywhere. It says: TP UST SL 47.3. I assume it’s a UST shaft, but I can’t find any info on it.
    Thanks Ken F

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