Golf Movie Madness: A Reddit Roundup

Are you Team Tin Cup or on the Caddyshack side of the golf movie debate? Join the heated discussion on the best golf movie!

Debating the top golf movie is as tricky as a 30-foot putt on a sloping green. The Reddit golf community is buzzing with opinions, from Happy Gilmore fanatics to staunch Caddyshack enthusiasts.


  • Caddyshack divides the golfing world like a sliced drive off the tee.
  • The Masters finale in 2019 is hailed as the pinnacle of golf cinema.
  • Tin Cup and Happy Gilmore have a cult following among avid viewers.

Caddyshack: The Love-Hate Relationship

The r/golf community is split down the fairway when it comes to Caddyshack. Some believe it’s a comedic masterpiece that captures the essence of golfing goofiness, while others swing to the opposite extreme, deeming it a swing and a miss.

Masters 2019: A Masterpiece Unmatched

For many Redditors, the final round of the 2019 Masters stands tall as the ultimate golf movie experience. The drama, the tension, and the remarkable finish make it a timeless classic in the eyes of golf enthusiasts.

Tin Cup vs. Happy Gilmore: The Battle of Generations

The rivalry between Tin Cup supporters and Happy Gilmore aficionados showcases a generational divide. Dudes over 45 tend to lean towards Tin Cup, while the younger crowd roots for Happy Gilmore’s unconventional charm.

When it comes to golf movies, everyone has their favorite fairway to walk down. Whether you’re teeing off with Caddyshack or driving for glory with Happy Gilmore, the passion for golf cinema is a hole-in-one experience that unites fans across the subreddit greens.