Golf Buzz: The Turn Dilemma – Is Stopping for Food Fair Play?

When a fivesome stops at the turn for food, sparks fly on the golf course. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Have you ever faced the ultimate golf dilemma at the turn? A recent Reddit post by user lightemup404 sparked controversy as they shared their encounter with a fivesome of 50+ year-olds who stopped for food, leading to a heated confrontation.


  • Golf etiquette questioned as players debate stopping at the turn for food.
  • Is skipping ahead fair play or a breach of course etiquette?
  • Mixed reactions on whether the fivesome’s actions were justified.

Debating Golf Ethics

Reddit user opiate82 defends the practice of letting faster players play through, even at the turn, highlighting the importance of maintaining pace of play.

Fairness on the Fairway

DonnieRoss expresses frustration with the fivesome’s behavior, asserting that stopping for food doesn’t justify disrupting the flow of the game.

Course Conduct Conundrum

GolfGodsAreReal criticizes the fivesome for not accommodating faster players, emphasizing the need for courtesy and consideration on the course.

Food Stops & Pace of Play

KeyWeight8055 presents a nuanced view, balancing the convenience of food breaks with the impact on pacing, urging players to consider the broader impact of their actions.

When the fairway feud extends beyond golfers to the course management, HVACpro69 suggests a practical solution with phones on the 9th tee to pre-order food and avoid delays.