Golf Betting Etiquette: To Gimme or Not to Gimme?

Discover the unwritten rules of golf betting and putts with money on the line.

When playing golf with money at stake, the rules can get tricky. A Reddit user seeks advice on how to handle gimmes and bad lies in a betting round. How should you approach these situations?


  • Etiquette in golf betting can vary based on individual preferences.
  • Giving putts can be a source of contention in competitive rounds.
  • Some players believe in strict adherence to the rules, especially with money on the line.

Dealing with Gimmes

For many golfers, the issue of gimmes in a betting round can be a touchy subject. While some players are in favor of giving putts to maintain pace of play and keep things friendly, others prefer to uphold the integrity of the game, especially when money is involved.

Player Perspectives

One Reddit user suggests setting clear rules before the round to avoid disputes over gimmes. Communication is key to ensure all players are on the same page regarding concessions.

Navigating Competitive Spirits

When competitiveness clashes with camaraderie, finding a balance becomes essential. While some may argue that putt concessions are part of match play strategy, others believe that players should earn every stroke, regardless of skill level.

The golfing community’s diverse opinions on gimmes reflect the sport’s nuanced etiquette. Ultimately, each player must find a approach that aligns with their values and playing style.