Golden Tee Meets the PGA Tour

Coming to a bar or pub near you!

Golden Tee has become a real favourite in our office. Between our vintage 2005 machine and the mobile app, it’s safe to say that we’ve played our fair share. The one knock on it (and it’s not really a knock) is that the courses and players aren’t based on real life. Until now.

Incredible Technologies has announced that Golden Tee PGA Tour Edition is set to drop this spring. The full blog post goes into more detail but here are a few important takeaways:

  • Golden Tee PGA Tour Edition will start as a commercial product only… meaning that you’ll still need to visit your local watering hole or arcade to play. Could this end up as a home unit one day? Maybe.
  • The current Golden Tee game isn’t going away. It will still be available and fully supported.
  • It sounds like this Golden Tee/PGA Tour partnership is a long term one which should mean great things in the future.

Some exciting news from the land of Golden Tee. In the meantime, we’ll keep hacking away at Eagles Peak listening to Pat Summerall and Peter Jacobson tell us how bad we are. If you’re up for some fun on Golden Tee Mobile, add me: SirShanksAlot (#5b1b).

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